Find the right Washington, DC business identity & office space to meet clients or collaborate with your team today!

Our Farragut DC Business Center provides flexible and affordable office space at a powerful DC office address. Conference rooms & private offices equipped with Apple TV are available by the hour from $27 to $67.

Since 1997, our team has been providing staffed & equipped offices to entrepreneurs, foundations, non-profits, NGOs, and professionals in Washington, DC. We offer pre-built office suites and part-time virtual office packages from $75 per month. Save money & stay flexible with our NEW sublease beating discounts!

Farragut DC Business Center gives your business the professional edge it needs with a prestigious Washington, DC office building address, professional telephone presence, shared office space services & cutting-edge virtual office space.

Flexible month-to-month length of stay. Easy & low-cost move in. Friendly staff support. Executive conference rooms & more!


We provide first-class furnished office suites equipped with state of the art communication technology, including video conferencing, fiber-speed internet access and friendly staff support.

Full-time office space is available now with month-to-month and annual term options.

Farragut DC Business Center's private offices and pre-built suites are located along Washington DC's prominent K Street business corridor two blocks from The White House.

Farragut Business Center is SBA HUBZone qualified.

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Enhance your business image for less with personalized phone answering or a prestigious Washington, DC mailing address.

Meet your client or get work done in a fully furnished and wired offices, or in a conference room equipped with plasma screens and video conferencing technology.

With services available on a monthly, daily or hourly basis, you will find a virtual office package perfect for your business needs.

Our office building centers allow you the flexiblity and prestige you need to compete in the competitive federal marketplace.

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DC Virtual Office Space or Starbucks

Give your business a DC virtual office space and make a more positive impression than Starbucks

“Friends don’t let friends work at Starbucks”. That’s a new mantra that seems to be gaining steam among the masses of independent and contingent workers in today’s new age of work. As with anything, what once was cool just a few years ago: typing away at your laptop while in a coffee shop surrounded by people cooler than you (read: hipsters), cool beats and fueled by a non stop source of caffeine has become a bit of a buzz kill (pun intended) when it comes to trying to run and grow a small business. Those hipsters are silently (or blatantly) judging you for taking up space at their cafes or just out and out not providing WiFi, those cool beats you once loved now make phone calls a bear and at the end of every month you realize that you are spending a small fortune on coffee.

There are far better ways to work as an independant or contingent worker that don’t include working from home. In the 90s, one of the greatest employment perks one could land was the ability to telecommute, but recently Yahoo! got much attention when their new CEO insisted that all employees had to come back to the office. So – working from home has become passe (not to mention has been found to be incredibly isolating) and working from a coffee shop is more like a scavenger hunt for the closest outlet, so what are you to do?

Enter the Future of Work Movement and the Shared Workspace Revolution! It’s no longer a crazy idea to share space with others for the purpose of getting your work done – now it’s what all the cool kids are doing! As with any new trend, there has been a sudden boom in the amount and type of shared DC virtual office space facilities available, offering individuals more choices than ever before.

Some of the things you should consider when looking for shared DC virtual office space:

Private Offices or Open Coworking?

Neither choice is right or wrong, but more along the lines of what do you need?  If you are a management consultant or a lawyer, you might want to opt for a private office that can be locked.  If you are a freelance designer or an event planner, you might need less privacy and can consider a desk that is in a shared, open space.  Make sure the choice you make has plenty of private meeting rooms bundled into the dc virtual office space plan you select.

private dc virtual office space
Private office with 24/7 access

Location. Location. Location.

Are you more of a 9-5, standard routine worker or are you a road warrior? For those contingent workers that often make their own schedule and have a routine, you might want to consider a regional operator for a more curated local experience. If you are flying all over the place, you’re probably more likely to join a space that has locations where you need to be.

It’s all about the Community

The most frequent question I hear from folks considering joining a shared workspace is often about the other people, or for lack of a better word, Community. No matter how visually pleasing a space is or however many amenities are offered, a lack of community might be a reason to continue your search. One of the benefits of working in shared spaces is the often mentioned “Accelerated Serendipity”. This term refers to the ability to connect with the people in the space, allowing for interaction, collaboration and an overall increase in productivity. If you are a headphone on type of worker, this might not be as important to you as someone who thrives surrounded and engaged by different people.

There is no Right or Wrong DC Virtual Office Space

It’s important to remember that when choosing a DC virtual office space, there is no right and wrong – only the proper fit for you. With over 9,000 spaces worldwide and an estimated 28,000 by the year 2018, more and more will open to cater specific needs and demographics. When you consider a space, don’t just tour – take them up on any opportunity to do a test drive. Be open and honest about what your needs are and ask questions! If the space isn’t a good fit, that’s ok – ask if they have some recommendations and take them up on their referrals. As operators of shared workspaces for over 20 years, the team of Boston Offices is happy to schedule a time to speak with about your space needs and help you find the best fit!

Whether or not we are the best space for you, we believe that you deserve better than working in a cramped coffee shop or in your 2nd bedroom/home office. Come discover the benefits of shared workspaces today!

dc virtual office space meeting room
DC virtual office space meeting room

If you don’t chose HourOffice DC.  Check out our cool friends at Cove.

DC coworking office space Farragut Square

Private DC coworking office space starting at $599 per month

HourOffice Farragut Square provides private DC  coworking suites in a new office center offering all of the features of a corporate office with the shared convenience of being available on Farragut Square DC.  It’s administrative and shared meeting room services, secure personal and digital environment, and new sun-lit interior create a mini-headquarters workplace, with the added (and optional!) benefit of networking with a friendly community of experienced executives and entrepreneurs.

How much does Washington DC office space cost?

• Virtual office plans: $75 to use our DC office address as your own; includes use of an open desk and lounge space from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. weekdays on a reasonable use basis.

• DC Coworking Plan: $499/month for unlimited, undedicated use of an open benching and lounge space from 8 a.m.-7 p.m. weekdays.  Register as a preferred DC coworking partner to access this program.

• Resident Plan: $799/month for unlimited, dedicated use of a specific desk, 24/7

• Private DC Office Space Plan: $999/month

• Meeting/Event Space: fees range from $29/hour for a 2 or 3 person private offices to $500/day (8 hours) for a 1o to 14 person meeting room equipped with LCD screens, Apple TV & other presentation tools.

Addressing Shared Office Space Challenges

• Meeting the needs of both corporate and entrepreneurial cultures in a high-quality, boutique-style office initially seemed like a difficult task.  Interestingly, however, balanced diversity in membership has worked well in practice.  “The conclusion is, they are all here to get work done,” says founder Mark Wiatrowski.
• Quick resolution of technical IT glitches and vendor issues is essential to HourOffice, so the company has devised systems that are redundant and can be internally diagnosed and repaired, rather than relying on external consultants to resolve problems.

• Call HourOffice DC if you want transparent all-inclusive pricing, scalable private team spaces, and a professional team that will help you build your business.   Our blazing fast Gigabit Fiber Internet access is just one of many productivity perks.

DC coworking office space
Productive DC office & meeting space

DC Business Center Locations

Use DC Business Center’s Washington, DC office buildings as a launching pad and Uncle Sam could become your biggest client! Our flexible low-cost officing options are designed to make access to the federal marketplace affordable.

We invite you to visit Washington’s DC best business addresses. You will see a wide range of office suite sizes and program choices that couple month-to-month or multi-year terms with easy & low cost move-in.

Enjoy a convenient and cost effective way to do business

For more than 17 years, we have been providing staffed & equipped offices on flexible terms to entrepreneurs, non-profit, and international corporations in Washington, DC.

Currently, we operate the Farragut Business Center, the Georgetown Business Center and the Union Station Business Center. We have a marketing partnership with centers across the region and are a key USA partner for the World-Wide Business Centeres Europe organization. These relationships enable our clients to enjoy on-demand access to conference rooms and private offices in over 150 cities around the globe.

We are committed to providing the latest technology in an executive-level setting at Washington, DC’s best addresses.